Online betting Singapore

If you are someone with a penchant for sports predictions then you are sure to venture into the arena of online betting sooner or later. In the betting activity, the bettors have to place wagers via bookmakers or the enterprises which are privately run, and get paid handsomely for the right predictions. 

Online betting Singapore is gaining momentum day by day, especially because of the lockdown, which has given ample time for the bettors to indulge in their favourite hobby. And what hobby is better than the one which also pays?

If you are a fresher who is looking to explore Singapore betting online, there are plenty of lucrative options available to explore. But only the lucky ones are able to get the best of the best in the beginning.

Let’s have a sneak peek at the best of the online betting Singapore options available for the experienced and the newbies alike.


90Agency is one of the best options available for the lovers of Malaysia betting as it gives a very flawless and smooth experience that any online bettor can have. Opening an account at 90Agency free and takes only a few minutes. All you have to do is go to the “Contact Us” section which is given at the top and fill up the details listed on the personal info page. A confirmation message is displayed at the bottom which includes the terms and conditions of the site.

After confirming it and ticking on the checkbox the last step is to click on the send button. This way you are easily registered on the site and are free to start your online betting Singapore journey. Deposition of funds immediately after the opening of a new account is not necessary for this site, one can skip the deposition process right away and continue on the site for the time. Deposition should be made by you when you feel ready by contacting them through the email or the hotline.


Online betting Malaysia is one of the hottest destination online betting. Everything from horse-racing, casino, poker to lotteries is available at H3Asia. The interface is very user-friendly and all queries and doubts are readily answered by the chat box available at the down right corner of the window. Specifically designed for the Singaporean Population, this site mainly deals with the Singaporean Currency only.

Various testimonials are available for the newbies to make sure that they are investing in the right place. Withdrawing funds is fairly easy and hassle free, just by making sure that it is done by the same payment gateway that you used for making deposits. Any problems that you might be facing in fund withdrawal can be tackled by calling on their hotline right away.

Hence, it is a must visit for Singapore betting. One thing to be noted is that it is not possible to open duplicate accounts on this site by using the same email address, in case the access to the account has been lost you can simply contact them and request for assistance.


H3bet is another great option available for the online bettors. Their range of sports events every day, added to the best financial security system makes them one of the best online betting sites. The deposit and withdrawal speed of this site is a record in itself. If you are an enthusiastic and time conscious bettor, these features can make a big difference.

Their play slots range includes pragmatic play slot, Playtech slot, bg slot, Microgaming slot, habanero slot and many others. The games that are available for the betting Singapore lovers includes football, tennis, boxing competitions and whatnot! One of the most attractive features of H3bet is their wager calculator, which lets you calculate the influence of the various results and standards on their wagers.

The energy of the site is fun and exciting and is sure to make your online betting experience awesome. You must take care of some obvious standards and rules such as the age restrictions and taking care of the security issues from your side by using a strong password.

Another step which will ensure the safety of your account is to change your password from time to time. If you wish to make sure that the withdrawal time taken by these sites is minimum, then you must make sure that the payment gateway and method you are using on these sites are easy and hassle-free. This way you can derive a smooth, fun and exciting Singapore betting experience through these amazing online platforms.

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