Things You Should Know If You Are Visiting Del Mar Race Course For The First Time

Horse racing is a unique & specialized sport in which the spectators can become a part and experience the thrill by placing bets on races & cheering their favourites. The horse racing season at Del Mar racecourse is a beloved local pastime which typically runs from July 19th to September 4th. If you have never been to the Del Mar races, then it’s a great idea to take a friend along who knows their way around & can help you navigate the track & betting. And if you can’t take someone with you, then you need to have at least some knowledge about horse racing before. So here are a few things that you must know before you place your best bets and experience the nostalgic, magic, and fun in the sun for yourself.

When Does the Season Start and End?

North County San Diego has two “seasons” for horse racing. Here the first season takes place in the summer which is from August through September and the second season in the fall/winter which is from November through December, and you can find Del Mar picks for both the seasons online. Each season has a slight variation in the racing schedule, so make sure you check the Del Mar horse racing season calendar before planning your trip around the race!

During the season, races run for five days a week except on Monday & Tuesday. Between Wednesday and Sunday, you can expect the races at around 2:00 p.m. Here Friday is the only exception as, on this day, the first post is at 4:00 p.m.

Betting for Fun Vs Serious Betting

If this will be your first time at Del Mar races, you may want to keep the daylight by betting low dollar amounts on several races. Races are broken down into graded stakes on the basis of several factors which includes the age of the horse, a distance of the race and whether it is a conditions race or a handicap race. It is better to use the daily racing form & decide which races you’re going to bet in & what horse you want to bet on and of course, the Del Mar picks to place the best bets. Before a race begins, you can visit the paddock at the race track so as to get an up-close look of the horses racing in the upcoming race.

How to Bet

When you have decided what race & horse you want to bet on, and with Del Mar picks then you are certainly ready to make your best bets. When you go to the window, you need to make sure that you tell the clerk three key things and that too in a certain order. This is the order:

  • The amount that you want to bet
  • The horse’s number in the race and not the name of the horses
  • What kind of bet you want to place- to win, place, or show

These three things and you are all set to have a lifetime experience.

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